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- Kurtsza "Kurt" Bardregal.

- Night elf.

- Warrior.

- Alchemist and herbalist.

Current Home:
- The city of Stormwind.

Brief Physical Description:
- Kurtsza's skin and hair happen to be the same shade of blue. The markings around her eyes are just a bit darker in color, similar to a few indigo strands that can be seen in her ponytail.
To the more observant, one can see how physically fit her languid body appears to be. All of her muscles are toned, and can be seen shifting beneath her skin with every breath.
She moves with a liquid grace, every movement made seemingly with ease. When she fights, she moves with the speed and stunts of a trained acrobat. Despite the often revealing state of her armor, there are no wounds or scars to be seen upon her exposed skin.

Brief Personality Description:
- Stoic, determined.

Goals and motivators?
- Becoming a Sentinel for the city of Darnassus.

Passionate about the war?
- Yes.

A typical quote from your character?
- "I am not ready to die... That must mean it is your time."

- Raised near Astranaar, Kurtsza was one half of a pair of twins -- her, and a brother named Luel. (( Wink )) As they grew, however, their ideals became drastically different. When Luel's mind and heart formed pure and loving, he was taken in by the Temple to train with their priests. Kurt was the stronger, more "masculine" minded of the siblings, and followed Luel to Darnassus to take guidance from Tyrande, forever wanting to be strong enough to protect her gentle brother, fierce enough to fight the Horde, and honorable enough to serve the city of Darnassus as a proud Sentinel.
When Luel was sent to Stormwind city to spread the good will, love, and desire to heal and care for the wounded that he possessed, Kurtsza secretly asked to be sent to the human lands as well, to always be a guarding step behind her brother, and to take a step forward to be part of the war effort.
Having failed to always be there to protect Luel ( his story doesn't belong here! <3 ), Kurt harbors a heavy feeling of guilt, and uses it to fuel her hatred for those that attempt to attack the Alliance that she holds so dear.

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