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Name: Jorielar
Race: Night Elf
Class: Hunter
Professions: Skinner / Leatherworker / Gigolo
Current Home: The Blue Recluse

Brief Physical Description:
Jorielar looks strikingly like his older brother Kalielar, except he bears the traditional long hair of the Night Elves. (He is convinced however that he's better looking.)

Brief Personality Description:
As Kalielar is the studious, well-mannered and ambitious leader-type of the family, Jorielar is the free-spirited prodigal son, content to make the most of his days seeking high adventure (and sowing his oats when it suits him). Though well-meaning and mostly honorable, he's also a magnet for trouble and his gregarious personality often gets him entangled in hilarious and occasionally dangerous situations. Jorielar resents being perpetually in the shadow of his ambitious and successful brother, but also holds a grudging respect and admiration for him. Competitive by nature, Jorielar shares a viciousy rivalry (and obvious chemistry) with fellow cadet, Jezara.

Goals and motivators:
Jorielar is motivated mostly by instinct, and he simply does whatever he has to do to get by and enjoy himself. Beyond that, it is safe to say that he is generally lacking in ambition. Except when it comes to pleasurable activities, for Jor will do whatever it takes to have a good time.

Passionate about the war?
Jorielar is completely dispassionate about the war, and would rather that it didn't affect him at all. But he will react to instinctively protect those around him, especially his loved-ones.

A typical quote from your character?
"So... how long will your husband be away?"

Jorielar is the younger brother of Emerald Guard Prefect Kalielar. Jor spent his youth with his family in Darnassus while Kal went off to study in Moonglade, but they happily spent summers in Auberdine together. Unlike his brother, Jor chose a path of freedom. He apprenticed as a hunter in Teldrassil and showed a natural gift for taming and befriending beasts of all manner. He has since spent most of time galavanting through new lands, observing the wildlife and meeting new people. At this time, Jor is doing everything in his power to avoid promotion in the Emerald Guard, as he would prefer to keep his obligations to a minimum.
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