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Without the Decursive Mod, I've gotten the hang of just manually decursing and removing poison. However, here's a macro from the WoW forum as well:


/cast [target=mouseover] insertspellnamehere

The above Macro is incredibly, incredibly useful. It has single handedly removed much of my guilds problems with removing debuffs since the loss of Decursive.

You make this macro, and for the fight, bind it to 1 or 2 on your bar.

Then, very simply, use your right hand to move your mouse pointer over the raid window where the person afflicted by whatever debuff you want to remove is... and use your left hand to click '1' or '2' to key the macro, and there you go, spell removed.

You can clear up an entire group VERY fast with this macro, especially if you use the Blizzard Default UI Group bars. Small enough you can just run down them spamming the removal spell every second on the groups you're assigned to.

Oh, another very big key:


This will help to no end, and prevent multiple castings of curse going to the same people and others not getting the debuff off fast enough.

Various Macros include:


/cast [target=mouseover] Dispel Magic
/cast [target=mouseover] Cure Disease
/cast [target=mouseover] Abolish Disease


/cast [target=mouseover] Cure Disease
/cast [target=mouseover] Cure Poison
/cast [target=mouseover] Purge <-----For Use On The Enemy


/cast [target=mouseover] Cure Poison
/cast [target=mouseover] Remove Curse
/cast [target=mouseover] Abolish Poison


/cast [target=mouseover] Remove Lesser Curse


/cast [target=mouseover] Cleanse

Important note: No you do not have to have the (Rank 2) next to the spell. If you just put in the correct spell name, it will automatically cast the highest rank spell of that name. I've tested this. The (Rank 2) additions are for downranking.

You can make more macros using the targer=mouseover command. Healing spells. Renew. Rejuv. For PvP, you can make it Hunter's Mark or Corruption or Siphon Life, or any other instant cast spell you want to rain over multiple people in the feild/cast on a specific moused over target. That Purge macro above for Shamans is awesome for PvP. Just move your mouse around and start purging an entire field of enemies. Crying or Very sad

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Thank you so much Kal. I will have to try this with my priest tonight.

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