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Bio Outdated : To Be Revised Soon in March 2006

Name: Kalielar
Race: Night Elf
Class: Druid
Professions: Enchanter / Prefect of the Emerald Guard
Current Home: Feathermoon Stronghold

Brief Physical Description:
Impeccably groomed, Kalielar presents himself with refined self-confidence. But beneath his kind smile and his warm eyes, there is an intense focus in his gaze, as if a force of nature is brewing within.

Brief Personality Description:
Kalielar is the embodiment of the calm before the storm. He considers himself a well-educated and civilized Night Elf, and prizes politeness, respect and duty over all else. An incredibly patient perfectionist, Kal spends a remarkable amount of time honing his fighting and trade skills down to every minutiae, and polishing his armor above and beyond code standards. When he is off-duty, Kalielar is for the most part friendly and approachable -- though only those close to him ever see his silly side. A natural diplomat, he tries to be the objective voice of reason and is always willing to compromise for the greater good, even at the sacrifice of personal ambitions and intimate relationships. But when he is engaged in the heat of battle, his steadfast stare can silence an entire room.

Though there is pressure for him to accept an arranged marriage, it is the one political strategy that Kalielar appears to be uninterested in pursuing. Kalielar is a lone wolf in contrast to his younger brother, Jorielar, who is constantly surrounded by friends and lovers. A very private and guarded Druid, Kalielar has an idealistic romantic side that he has yet to realize.

Goals and motivators:
Trained as a restorative Druid, Kalielar is motivated generally by a sense of duty and connection to the world, though it is his military and political aspirations that drive him to endure through the hardest of trials.

Passionate about the war?
Though he is a sworn defender of the Emerald Dream and infuriated by the casualties of war, he harbors secret desires to conquer the contested lands by force and return them to the Alliance.

A typical quote from your character?
"That would be most... unbefitting."

As the son of a Cenarion Circle war councilor and a Temple priestess, Kalielar became a Druid to encompass the passions of both his parents. From them he inherited both a great love of the land and a kinship to its beasts, as well as a penchant for politics and military strategy. Kalielar studied in the seclusion of Nighthaven, but spent his summers in nearby Auberdine with his brother Jorielar where they both gained a fondness for fishing and the sea. After his 28th season and intense Druidic trials which earned him notice and honors, Kalielar was appointed by high-priestess Tyrande Whisperwind to serve as Preafectus of the Emerald Guard regiment, an auxiliary cavalry unit of the Silverleaf Sentinels.

Kalielar Timberlake
(\\\\"\(.:..:.)/\\\\") Kaboomkin!
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