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Name: Galamir

Race: Dwarf

Class: Warrior

Professions: Mining / Skinning

Current Home: Ironforge

Brief Physical Description: Stocky, bald, grizzly and a bit pale.

Brief Personality Description: One knows Galamir is nearby thanks to his booming guffaw which can be heard in the deepest of dungeons. He is strangely enough a very jolly Dwarf in the business of destruction and chaos.

Goals and motivators: Treasure and violence and libations. And Dwarven women, if he could find them.

Passionate about the war? Certainly, as every warrior should be.

A typical quote from your character? "Another pint o' shandy booze, barkeep! *laugh*"

History: Galamir comes from a long line of legendary Dwarven ancestors, as son of Garamor, grandson of Gamling, great-grandson of Gimhalden, great-great grandson of Gamilor, great-great-great grandson of Gomilof, and so on. (Frankly, no one can tell any of them apart.)
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