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PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 6:47 pm  Reply with quote

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So, it's been some time since I've made a photo blog for myself. A lot has also happened since, but it's so hard to get internet access out in Silithus these days. I had to wait till I finally got back to Goldshire to do anything about it. Anyways, we will keep it brief and light.

Cauri and myself are doing well. Great as a matter of fact, and we've been looking around at new homes so we tried one out within the city limits of Darnassus. It was nice, it felt more like home to her, but to me it wasn't the same without the horde of hookers around. We'll see though. We have to stop at a few more places we found in the Gadgetzan Times classifieds.

Along my journies, I bumped into this fellow in Tanaris. He was strange, but did mention something about the legendary sword, [Ashbringer].

I also made friends with a Troll hunter in Booty Bay. She was very nice and friendly to say the least as you can see above. Oh how I get myself into these things...

Later, I would find myself in EPL just minding my own business when along comes a Tauren mounted on a bat! Now I know how everyone goes, "it didn't happen if you don't have screep caps!" So I took out my handy dandy one-time-use disposable camera and took some candid photos of the Tauren in question. Take a look.

Recently in Tanaris, Alycacia and myself took a magical tour throught the Caverns of Time. It was wonderful. Very scenic, and the food alone is worth the trip. Be warned though, the dragon at the front gate is kind of mean.

And that about wraps up what I have for the meanwhile. I'll be sure to take a better job of keeping up with all the goodies that happens to me a long the ways. until then...

-The judgemental paladin-

The REAL Thalonious
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 8:26 pm  Reply with quote

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Kalielar: "I've seen bigger raisinettes".

That's what we call 'Locker Room Talk'.

Great pics of you doing Azeroth in the butt, Thal! You truly need to get Assbringer, stat.

Kalielar Timberlake
(\\\\"\(.:..:.)/\\\\") Kaboomkin!
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