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Name: Blyz Boltmaster

Race: Gnome

Class: Mage

Profession(s): Tailoring and enchanting.

Current Home: Stormwind, Park District

Brief Physical Description: Blyz has black hair, dark eyes and a mustache. He would be described as tall, dark and handsome by ( and only by) a gnome female. Blyz has a “baby-face” ---young and unscarred. He tends to prefer to wear blue or purple clothing when he is not working, but will whatever is necessary while at work.

Brief Personality Description: Happy and outgoing, Blyz tends to look at things a little outside the norm. Somewhat distracted, he tends to forget he is talking with people; conversations with him tend to pick up minutes later, long after the person he is talking with has forgotten the topic. Blyz enjoys people of all kinds and works well with others---especially with his twin brother Ari. His worst tendency is to be somewhat controlling, most notably with his younger (by one minute) brother.

Goals and motivations: Blyz is a slow and methodical explorer. He wants to see the world and everything in it. Ultimately he wants to fully master the cold powers available to him.

Feelings about the Conflict with the Horde: Blyz feels sorry for the Horde. While he is not in support of them, he has little incentive to fight against them and would be very unlikely to participate in battles against them.

A typical quote from your character: “Well, that looks interesting....”

History: Blyz and his brother Aristoi were born in Stormwind to a young gnome couple. Their father Will was a well-known artisan skilled in a great many things---alchemy, enchanting and herbalism. Their mother Marin was a quiet, studious mage. The boys grew up with a love of learning and a desire to explore.

On their thirteenth birthday, the boys stayed up all night and planned their lives. Amazingly almost everything is following the plan so far. The main surprise is that the older, more controlling twin became a mage; the younger and more laid-back brother decided to be the warlock. The boys are currently busy exploring the world and mastering their talents. They still live with their parents and visit them as much as possible.
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