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Name: Litelrau­r

Race: Dark Iron Dwarf

Class: Hunter

Professions: Mining, Enchanting

Current Home? Teldrassil

Brief Physical Description: Bright red hair, dark almost black skin, blood red eyes, a smattering of freckles under the eyes.

Brief Personality Description: Calm and reserved. Very unlike most dwarves. She is used to stares and unkind feelings toward her heritage.

Goals and motivators? She, like her adopted sister, has a love for all life on Azeroth. She would rather tame the beasts instead of become them.

Passionate about the war? More pationate than her sister. She understands better that these are unfriendly times and that sometimes a good offense is a good defense.

A typical quote from your character?

History: Early in the Second War a Night Elf couple decided to explore the world, looking for exotic pets to sell for a new pet shop. During which the stumbled upon a human and dwarven campaign. They found her abandoned at worst, orphaned at best by Dark Iron Dwarves in the wake of the campaign. They didn't know any dwarves for themselves, and they feared that the dwarves would not accept her having seen the bitter rivalry and even hatred the cousin races shared. They then decided to take her home and raise her with their other child, Sefid.

[see Sefid's description: Barefooting]

Behind the scenes: Litelrau­r means Little Red from Faroese, a language spoken by a branch of the vikings, in order to make it look more "dwarven." Her name, I believe is pronouced li-tel-rauthr
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