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Name: Tyrll

Race: Gnome

Class: Mage

Professions: Mining/Engineering

Current Home: Tyrll still considers Gnomergan to be her home, but she tends to gravitate around Stormwind.

Brief Physical Description: Blueish-gray hair, fair skin, probably in her late twenties.

Brief Personality Description: Pyschotic and sadistic, Tyrll loves to hurt people, while not nessecarily evil, she does occasionally beat people to death. Tyrll has a dangerous obsession with fire, and even worshipped it at one point. Tyrll is also vehemently racist, and will start spouting pro-gnome or anti-night elf propaganda if she feels like it. Tyrll may seem like a loony. But she's really nice if you get on her good side.

Goals and motivators: Tyrll's ultimate goal is to wipe out all life on Azeroth, just to see what it would look like.

Passionate about the war: Tyrll has read many books about the history of Azeroth, and has come to the conculsion that Humans and Night Elves are bunch of pricks. She believes that the Horde, apart from the forsaken, are pretty decent folk. And are only reacting to the many attacks from the alliance. Of course, that doesn't mean that Tyrll doesn't want to kill them all in incredibly painfull ways.

A typical quote from your character: "BURN!"

Tyrll, born to a High Tinkerer (The closest thing to royalty in Gnomish society) She Lived a pretty affluent life by Gnomish standards, friends and money was her raison d'etre. For most of her life, she took what she wanted. And did what she wanted. Until Gnomeregan fell. With all her friends either dead or wandering around as insane lepers. Tyrll fell into some kind a catatonia, and was put into the Ironforge Mystic Quarter.

After a year, Tyrll snapped out of it. With no friends or money, Tyrll decided she needed a fresh start. She caught the Tram to stormwind, and tried to make a living as a beggar.

Tyrll quickly found out that beggars do not make much money, and headed inside the Stormwind mage tower to ask for food, the Archmage told Tyrll that he would show her how he made food. Tyrll, facisnated at the prospect of learing how to cook, followed the mage eagerly.

Soon, it was obvious to Tyrll she was not in a cooking lesson, but a magic one. Tyrll was in awe. Tyrll decided that she wanted to be a mage. And screw with the natural order of things.Tyrll promptly kicked the Archmage in the shins after being told that she won't get taught magic for free. The Archmage grudgingly taught Tyrll how to conjure a ball of fire, and sent her to Northshire Abbey.

In Northshire Abbey, Tyrll was told to kill things for money, and she loved it. Seeing the faces contort in pain, hearing the screams of agony, and smelling the charred flesh made her thrilled. She realised that she was a sadist, and decided that she should hurt people whenever she gets the chance. This decision, has lead to many people being nearly beaten to death, and some, have even died.

Tyrll met Duddets in Goldshire. Duddets was a young Gnome Warlock. Tyrll greeted him by stomping on his feet and kicking him in the shins, as she does with most people. Duddets responded by calling Tyrll a "Vewy mean gnome". Tyrll, slightly offended, decided to play "How many times can you survive my pickaxe" with Duddets. Tyrll went first, and Duddets lost after three swings. Many people say that Tyrll did not play a game at all, but rather, that she chased Duddets around for about ten minutes before killing him sadistically. Tyrll responds to these people by punching them in the nose.
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Yep, that's the reaction I was shooting for.
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Tyrll wrote:
Night Elves are bunch of pricks







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