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Sometimes, you want a quick way to use something in your bag, say a bandage, drink, swap a weapon, etc.

Here's a handy macro line to do just that:

/script UseContainerItem(bag#,slot#)

You have to put the item to use in that particular bag space/slot. So (0,1) would be the first available slot in your bag.

Here are examples of it in use:

Target self and use item: <-- (Most commonly used for bandages)

/script UseContainerItem(0,1)
/script SpellTargetUnit('player'):

Buff then Mount: <-- (Great for Battlegrounds)

/target yournamehere
/cast Mark of the Wild(Rank 7)
/script SpellStopCasting()
/script UseContainerItem(0,4)

Change aspect then apply bandage:

/cast Aspect of the Monkey(Rank 6)
/script SpellStopCasting()
/script UseContainerItem(0,1)

You also have the option to use the 'usebyname' command instead of the UseContainerItem command.

For example:

/usebyname Heavy Runecloth Bandage

Cast Tip: With your macro window open, open the spellbook and Shift+click the spell you want to add the cast command directly into the macro.

And that concludes today's lesson on macros. Class dismissed!

Kalielar Timberlake
(\\\\"\(.:..:.)/\\\\") Kaboomkin!
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