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The Emerald Guard Charter

Name: Emerald Guard
Affiliation: Alliance
Server: Feathermoon
RP-Type: Light - Moderate (Casual)
Url: http://emeraldguard.dreamhosters.com
Prefect: Kalielar
Captain of the Guard: Monna

History of the Emerald Guard:

Formed by the high-priestess Tyrande Whisperwind of the Temple of the Moon, the Emerald Guard is an auxiliary cavalry unit of the Shadowleaf Sentinels, its primary objective to halt the encroaching corruption in the Emerald Dream.

The Emerald Guard's patroness is the great dreaming dragon Ysera, one of the five Dragon Aspects of the world of Azeroth, and guardian of nature and imagination.

Guild Information and Entrance Requirements:

Formed in the Fall of 2005 and still going strong, the Emerald Guard is a small, intimate guild with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We are a Player-vs-Environment guild for mature players that frequent Azeroth during evening hours. Membership in the Emerald Guard is open to all Alliance classes, races and genders, and there are no level requirements.

While PvE is our main focus, we do engage in casual role-playing and occasionally form raids for some world PvP and Battleground action. However, because we are a small guild, we are not dedicated to endgame raiding.

We highly encourage self-reliance to foster better playing skills and mastery of your class abilities, though members sometimes group for quests and opt to help each other at their convenience and discretion. We are happy to help guildmates with information and some tradeskill materials when available.

Low-maintenance, courteous players that are good sports with a sense of humor and understanding of real-life obligations are more than welcome.

So far we have succeeded in keeping any drama to a minimum, and we'd like it to stay that way. Bickering in a heated RP romantic scenario is acceptable, but bickering over who gets the epic Shiny Vinyl Hotpants of the Shimmering Ficus is not. Respect, common sense etiquette and fair play are key factors in remaining and advancing in the guild.

We especially welcome those that:

generally play well with others
have the ability to spell "please" instead of "PLZ!!!11!1!eleven!!PLZplzzzzZZ!"
can look at the map and say, "Oh, hey, that shiny dot is me."
can read their quest log for clues before spamming every channel for help
go to ThottBot.com or other reference sites to research items, quests and locations
are actually interested in their skills and strategies instead of just button-mashing all willy-nilly
don't repeatedly ditch groups in the middle of an instance (if you can't commit the time, please don't get in line)

The Emerald Guard is probably not the right guild if you're looking for a place to wax poetically or vent perpetually about:

your incurable boredom and/or bitterness
your personal life's foibles
your immense knowledge and mastery of everything in the known universe
how you "PWNED!" that Level 1 Rabbit
how everyone "needs" to give you free gold and walk you through dungeons "right now"
how much you hate every single @#$%^& person in your required Anger Management therapy group
Chuck Norris (however Beedogs are okay)

Newbies to WoW and MMOs are welcome, but nOObs not so much. Griefers and ninjalooters will be dismissed at our discretion.

Advisory: Please note that the Emerald Guard is a guild of adult players and there is some explicit language and content on the guild chat and our message boards. The guild is intended for grown-ups (18+ preferred).

RP and Interacting with the Guild:

In-character freeform role-playing is welcome in the guild channel and group situations, but not required. Most of our members have detailed character bios and use the RP add-on FlagRSP. However, we have no restrictions on Out-of-Character discussions, so expect that half of our guild channel discussions are OOC. You don't have to be funny or charming or cuddly, just don't be an obnoxious jerk -- and try not to overdo the l337speak or abuse the CapsLock, unless it's in an ironic jest sort of way.

Induction Into the Emerald Guard:

Interested players may speak with our members in-game to direct you to an officer (you can do a /who emerald guard), post an intro message in the Candidate Introductions forum, or send an email to Kalielar at inquiries @ emeraldguard.dreamhosters.com. You will then be added to the guild as an Initiate member as soon as possible.

We welcome traveling adventurers to come and try our guild out and see if the vibe suits you. If we don't click, no harm, no foul, you're welcome to leave at anytime.

Regular Field Operations:

Our guild officers try to be on during evenings and weekends if you have any questions. Guild members can also schedule events ahead of time if they require assistance on a dungeon instance, elite quest, an RP scenario or just want to block off an hour for group grind-questing. Currently, we have the following schedule for guild-run instances (subject to change):

Wednesday Nights
8:00pm-12:00am PST
Lower and Mid-Level Dungeons

Saturday Nights
8:00pm-12:00am PST
High-Level and Endgame Dungeons

Emerald Guard Ranks:

Initiate -> Sentinel -> Centurion

Initiate members are promoted after serving in the guard for four weeks and completing the Character Bio questionnaire. Once an Initiate has met the requirements set forth in this charter, the prospective member shall be promoted to Sentinel. In order to be eligible for promotion to Centurion, a Sentinel must serve in the Emerald Guard in good standing for at least two months and have reached a minimum level of 30. Centurions are presented with an Emerald Guard tabard in appreciation of service in the regiment. Existing guild members' Alts are welcome into the guild.

Length of Service:

A member may resign at any time without penalty. A notice of leave is appreciated, but not required. Departing Centurions may keep their tabard. Members that have been inactive for over two months may be removed from the roster at our discretion.

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Charter Revised: March 31st, 2006 - Recruitment has now been reinstated.

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