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Hey, it's only like.... 4 months late! Sorry for it being long! But I got in my groove. Razz

Name: Alycacia

Race: Human

Class: Warlock

Professions: Tailor

Current Home? Alycacia doesn’t have a designated home, she goes wherever she has business.

Brief Physical Description: Red hair, light skin, Youthful, probably only a few years over 20.

Brief Personality Description: At first frightened and unsure of herself and her new talents, Alycacia has grown more comfortable with the magic she possesses. She is no longer afraid of Warlock magic and instead sees it as a valuable tool to get everything she wants. Alycacia is not evil, but could be considered chaotic. She does what she has to in order to get the job done and most of the time won’t concern herself with the deeper moral considerations of a given act if the results are what she would consider Just. Although a warlock, she remains deeply loyal to her friends and country.

Goals and motivators? Angry that so much of the outside world was hidden from her for much of her life, Alycacia desperately wants to control everything around her. If she is able to achieve her full potential she believes that she could stop most bad things from ever actually happening again.

Passionate about the war? Very much. In her eyes the Horde deserve either to be enslaved, or in the case of the Undead eradicated. Alycacia has an especially deep hatred for Orcs, whom she feels do not even belong in this world. Ideally they would all be enslaved to repair the massive amounts of harm they have caused to the Alliance people and eventually disposed of when their task was done. Alycacia laughs at the recent propaganda that the Orcs were actually pawns to the demons of the Burning Legion. Demons were created to be controlled by others, not to be the ones controlling. If it is actually true that the Orcs were forced to work with the Burning Legion against their will, then it is obvious that their race is weak and undeserving of any respect.

A typical quote from your character? "I got an idea! Lets go kill something!"

History: Born a few years after the initial invasion by the Orcish hordes, Alycacia's early childhood was spent jumping from one refugee camp to the other in Lordaeron. She was the youngest child of her family, and the only daughter. Her father was an officer in the remnants of the Stormwind military, which by then had been reformed into the Lordaeron Alliance forces. Alycacia's two older brothers kept watch over the family while their father was gone.

Alycacia has very few memories of this time, but the imprint left by her early childhood experiences have clung to her as she got older. She remembers little, except for the feelings and emotions of those that were around her, fear, sadness, and the desperate hope that things would turn out all right. Eventually the time came where the Horde decided to make a final push to dominate all of humanity. The history of the campaign is well known, so there is little need to go over it now. However, it was at the battle of Blackrock Spire that Alycacia’s father fell in battle. Her family was saddened by his death but consoled by the fact that he gave his life to save what he loved. Inspired by their father, Alycacia's two older brothers joined the military and were assigned to the Alliance Expeditionary Forces sent into the Orcish homeworld of Draenor. Now that the Dark Portal has collapsed Alycacia and her mother do not know what has happened to them.

After the Orcish hordes were defeated Alyacia's mother brought her back into the newly reclaimed Stormwind territory. In order to speed up reconstruction of the war ravaged country, the King of Stormwind established special grants to encourage refugees to return to their homes and rebuild. Alycacia's mother decided to settle in the town of Lakshire, nestled on the outskirts of the Redridge Mountains. Here she hoped Alycacia would be raised in a quiet and nurturing atmosphere, to make up for the terror that she endured early in her life. And for the most part life in Lakeshire was calm. Along with schooling Alycacia helped her mother in her herbalist shop.

As Alycacia grew older her mother began to worry that she was asking too many questions about life outside the town, about the Horde, about what had happened to her father and brothers, and why her mother seemed somber all the time. Fearful that she may lose yet another loved one, her mother enlisted her in classes within Northshire Abbey, hoping that Alycacia would devote her life to the church, and hopefully remain within the Cathedral district of Stormwind, safe from the excesses of the outside world.

It was here in Northshire that Alycacia’s path to darkness began. While running errands for the priest, she came across an old woman begging for help. The woman had a book stolen from her: a treasured journal that had belonged to her husband before he passed away in the War. Moved by her sadness, Alycacia offered to get it back to her. But once she had recovered the book she began to feel like something was not quite right with the woman’s story. The book was old, its leather bindings decaying, and its pages stiff and hard. To Alycacia’s mind the book seemed to be glowing, and she started to think that SHE wanted this book, that she deserved it. After all, she did all the work to recover it, if she had been caught by the bandits that had stolen it she could have been kidnapped, or worse, dead. Alycacia decided to take a peak inside, but when she opened it, the writings looked nothing like an old journal of a long dead soldier. The letters were in an odd language that Alycacia could never hope to understand. She had only looked at it for a few seconds when the writing began to glow a slight purple, as if coming off of the page, and the voice commanding her to take the book for herself became louder. Frightened she shut the book, and ran back to the Abbey; determined to give it back to the old woman and be rid of it. The old woman was happy to take the book back, and seemed to forget about Alycacia quickly as she began to look through it. It was then that Alycacia started to notice something wrong with the woman. Her hair changed from a dull grey to black, her wrinkly skin began to smooth out. Alycacia knew that she had been tricked and it angered her. She suddenly recalled the text from the book, and even though she had only glanced at it for a few moments, it suddenly made sense to her. As the anger built up, she lost control and blacked out. When she came to, she was standing above the limp body of the woman, with a purple crystal in the palm of her hand. Scared that someone might have seen, she grabbed the book from the woman’s stiff hands and ran from the Abbey to the nearest town to figure out what was happening to her.
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