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Name: Diddamouse
Race: Gnome
Class: Mage
Professions: Enchanter / Tailor
Current Home: The cannon at the Darkmoon Faire

Brief Physical Description:
Short and pudgy with spiked green hair and a tendency to gesture wildly with his hands.

Brief Personality Description:
This hopelessly sentimental gay Mage gets overly attached to everyone he has ever grouped with, and every piece of equipment he's ever picked up. Diddy is always looking for love in all the wrong places... like Deadmines. An incredibly hyper and easily excitable Gnome, he is often found running around in circles yelling obscenities at both friend and foe, griefing any romantic interludes that don't involve him, dancing half-naked with anyone who would have him, or sobbing into his wee hands. A bit of a pessimist and a heavy drinker, he believes that the scrying bowl is half empty.

Goals and motivators:
Diddamouse fancies hunky Paladins, Druids in their bear forms, beefy Tauren and Furbolgs.

Passionate about the war?
Only because it brings a parade of potential husbears to Azeroth.

A typical quote from your character?
"Herro there, big boy!"
"He's so dreamy!"
"I hate it."

Raised as a shepherd, Diddamouse sought an apprenticeship with the Archmage SoandSo because he heard that mages could turn anyone into a sheep. Diddy loves sheep! While he was sorely disappointed to find he could only sheep one person at a time, he was ecstatic to discover that he could shoot magic out of his hands, although it took him a while to get the hang of it. He realized way too late that he actually hates being a squishy Mage and thus frequently charges into groups of enemies in an attempt to punish himself for deciding to be a Mage in the first place. He claims himself to be Azeroth's Melee Mage. He was recruited out of sheer pity to the Emerald Guard after he accidentally teleported himself to Darnassus while conjuring water, and couldn't figure out the way home.
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