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Name: real name legally changed, and forgotten, to Monkeywrench

Race: Gnome

Class: Warrior. (read "Gutbuster gnome.")

Professions: Miner, Engineer

Current Home: Ironforge

Brief Physical Description: short, frair's cut green hair, large green beard, usually bloody or drunk or bloody pissed (F***ing drunk for all you american types)

Brief Personality Description: Boundless energy, cheerful, and gets himself in more situations that should and often do kill him, likes the sound of explosions and loves to drink

Goals and motivators: To blow stuff up, become a great warrior, and die fightning drunk.

Passionate about the war: just passionate about war and fighting for Ironforge. Doesn't really care who against.

A typical quote from your character: "For Ironforge!" "Aaarrggh!" "Banzai!" "Wanna play a Dwarven drinking game?" "Got a pint?"

History: They say living amoung dwarves will do funny things to a gnome and such is the story of Monkeywrench. While still a young gnome his family relocated to Ironforge to escape the teribble plague that warped his people. He grew up an extremely curious gnome (like all the rest) and eventually found himself in the dwarven libraries. He read of many great dwarves defending their homes from the invasions of Orcs, Humans, and Trolls (yes not all humans have been allied with the dwarves).He became enamored with the tales and especially of one Thibbledorf Pwent and his Gtbuster Dwarves who used their whole bodies and armor as weapons. Now these stories are most defiantely fictional, but the young gnome was in love. He set his heart on becoming the first Gutbuster Gnome.

From that moment on he worked hard at becoming the best warrior he could, however that often lead him constantly into situations that were too tough for him. Not only was he thorwing himself into tough fights (literally) as an overly curious, and slightly clumsy, gnome he often got in the way of engineering experiments. People soon got to comparing him to a dropped wrench in a machine, or Monkeywrench. He liked the name so much he had it legally changed to the name of the tool (and couldn't remember his old name anyway...his mother had to come and cosign).

He is also know to join Dwarves in their drinking games and has been known to hold his own while drinking the strong Dwarven meads.

(31 Jan 2006) More recently He has been found trying to find the source of the Lunar Festivals stores to continue in that strange glow...and hopefully fall over drunk. He tried to buy some rocket recipes, but was told something about the insurance didn't cover it? So instead he bought a flare gun and is shoting people at random...while drunk.

Note: Thibbledorf Pwent and Gutbuster Dwarves are copyright R. A. Salvatore. You can read about them in the stories about Drizzt Do'Urden.
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