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PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2005 8:44 am  Reply with quote

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Well, I know I just posted a quick album not to long ago, but I couldn't resist. A few things has happened since my last edition encase you don't know. However, nothing to worry about. Good ol' Thal is here to give you the 411 on the low down.

Although building up my profession has been set on the backburner for my upcoming lvl 40 and mount, I still try to squeez in a few items to give back to the community. As you can see, blacksmithing is a very strenuous activity, and one can become very hot and sweaty while working. So in this photo, I happened to have my shirt off while I work. Don't act like you aren't impressed.

On my way to 40, I had a lot of help from my friends, you guys. So here is Jor, Jezera and myself taking a break at Nesingway's Expedition campsite in STV. Apparently Jez was so excited, she couldn't put her arms down for some reason. /shurg

Not too long after, my good pals Jor and Cauri were with me when I hit 40 as seen above. Upon hitting the milestone lvl, I instantaniously broke out in dance as my friends watched from afar.

Other than my guildmates, I've had outside help in my quest to grow stronger as a paladin and a lover. It would only be appropriate for me to visit one of my old mentors in Stormwind, Master Wood. As you can see, not only have I come a long way, but Master Wood is still the master afterall. <,<;;

Lastly, here is me showing off my mount to Cauri. She seemed to be impressed, or so it would seem... Anyways, my horsey is great and it takes me places so fast. I <3 him more than the moon and the stars. ^-^

Other than that, I've spent much time just riding my steed around. It's a nice feeling getting a free horse while all you other suckers have to pay! But that's ok. I got extra gold, so I will probably be tossin' it someone way come 40 for you too!

-The judgemental paladin-

The REAL Thalonious
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