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One of the things I love about WoW is the ability to extend and improve the gameplay and the user-interface with add-ons. There are a skillion add-ons, macros and custom-UIs out there, but here's a list of the ones that I swear by (and the ones listed below are all legal to use at this time). I'm sure that there are many other really great ones out there, so if there's an add-on you know and love, please post it here.

I pretty much mostly use the Cosmos UI only because it has the majority of the add-ons I regularly need already built-in -- plus it's one of the few UIs that are downloadable in .zip format (instead of .exe) so I can actually install it on my Mac. See What is Cosmos on WoWwiki.com for everything you need to know and installation instructions. If you decide to try Cosmos, I suggest you turn some of the memory-intensive add-ons off (like Census, Sky, Chronos, etc.) and just stick to the basics. (* = Comes with Cosmos. There are a bunch of versions available, but the recommended download is the Release version.)

(With all the add-ons, it takes some experimenting to find what best works for you, your chars and your playstyle. If you do not have the patience to fiddle and troubleshoot, don't bother trying any of these out.)

::: Must-Have Add-Ons I Would Bring To A Deserted Isle:

Reagent Helper* - Adds the profession that a reagent is used by. (For example Oily Blackmouth = Alchemy and Bronze Framework = Engineering.)
EquipCompare* - Compare dropped items to your currently equipped gear. (Helps to avoid accidentally rolling 'need' instead of 'greed'.)
CombatCaller* - Allows the user to setup a way to automatically notify everyone via emote of their low health or mana. (Say you're a healer, it will auto-announce when you're OOM, thus alerting your party members that it's a good time to start chugging potions and slapping on bandages.)
Characters Viewer 0.82* - View the equipment, stats and bag contents of all your characters. (Definitely a must-have if you have a bag-mule alt.)
Atlas v1.2* - A dungeon instance map browser that pinpoints where bosses are. (Sooo handy!)
AllInOneInventory* - Allows you to view the contents of all your bags in one big inventory. (It used to take me forever to organize my bags. Now it takes me mere fractions of a second to find stuff, and it makes organizing a snap.)
AggroAlert - Displays the name of your target's target in a movable frame. (If you click on a mob, it will tell you who it's beating the crap out of. And if you click on a party-member, it will tell you who they attacking or healing too. Great for everyone, especially healers!)
SuperMacro* - Allows unlimited macros. (More macro slots are always needed for important casts and spells like..... /chicken.)
QuestLog Level Patch* - Adds level within a parenthesis to the quest log so you know exactly what level mobs you're up against. (i.e. [55] Are We There Yeti?)
CooldownCount* - Allows you to see time until actions have cooled down in the buttons.

::: Must-Have Healer Helpers:

Divine Blessing 2.0* - Simplifies buffing of parties and raids. (By spamming a single key-bound button, I can buff an entire party with Thorns for example.)
DruidPartyHeal - Automatic Healing manager for Druids in a party - Druids only. (This is a one-button all-purpose script that will throw out what it thinks should be your most effective heal for the party member you've targeted. What's also great about this add-on is that it will automatically choose the right heal rank if you're trying to heal someone that's many levels below you. However, I personally don't rely on this as my primary healing method because sometimes it doesn't always choose what I think is best and it might overlap certain spells like Regrowth. But this add-on has been truly invaluable in really teaching me how heals work, and which heals are better suited for specific scenarios.)
Ayune HP - Shows the exact number of lost health points for party members. (This also hugely helped me learn how to manage my mana and become a better healer, as now I use lower rank heal spells instead of blowing all my mana overhealing with the highest rank. If a player has only lost 500 HP or less, I can throw out a Rank 4 Healing Touch instead of a Rank 9 saving myself a nice chunk of mana points. It also helps me anticipate the rate of HP loss a party member is bleeding away, and thereby predict the next heal I'll be throwing out. This is definitely a keeper for me as it helps me to reserve my mana and continue healing for long combat situations.)

::: Class Specific Add-Ons:

Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic - Helps a hunter feed pet and keep food inventory under control. (Will autofeed when your pet is unhappy, and you can even specify exact control and turn off food with stats or quests, etc. It also tells you if your pet likes, loves or dislikes a particular kind of food, so you can manage its happiness/loyalty level better.)
Fizzwidget Hunter's Helper - Helps you find tameable beasts to learn pet skills from when you roll over a potential pet. (For example will say Stranglethorn Tiger: Bite 5, Dash 2 -- unknown skills will show up as bright green, while mastered skills show up as gray.)
Fizzwidget Disenchant Predictor - A quick reference to sources of enchanting materials. (For example, it will tell me the chances that an uncommon weapon will disenchant into illusion dust or a large brilliant shard.)

::: Good Add-Ons I Dig But Can Live Without:

TechStats - Shows framerate per second, lag rate and other statistical information like position, DPS, gold total, etc. (It's good to know when my lag gets bad, so I can tell my party members that my heal response may be slower than usual. Also good for justifying to oneself the need to buy a new computer, ahem.)
PartyCombatGizmo - Shows damage-per-second, time-to-live and the aggro-level for each party member. (Very handy for understanding aggro and visualizing who is pulling the most of it. The stats sometimes seem a little buggy, but it's worth the download just for the aggro-dots.)
DamageMeters* - Displays accumulated damage and/or healing totals for you and nearby players. (Only really useful for nerds like myself that like to see fancy number calculations at the end of instance runs.)
Fizzwidget AdSpace - Helps you avoid buying marked-up vendor-available recipes at the AH. (It will tell you on rollover exactly who and where you can buy a recipe from -- if there is no information, that means the recipe is a drop.)
Scrolling Combat Text* - Adds a scrolling combat text log over your character which tells you how much damage and healing you're experiencing, plus other info like aura and buff fades.
SpiritVersusIntellect - Compares effectiveness of Spirit, Concentration and Intellect gear. (Handy for casters like me that can't decide which magic booties are more effective for healing in combat.)
CT_Tickmod - Displays HP and Mana regeneration per tick. (Also handy if you're experimenting with high spirit and mana-regen gear.)
Cast Time 1.7.2* - Adds a timer in seconds to the casting bar.

That's it for now. Some day, if I ever have the patience (or maybe when I invest in a new faster system), I might try installing a complete GUI overhaul with something cool like the super snappy DRUIDIUM Night Elf template. It looks really sexy but it also looks like it could be pretty overwhelming to tinker with, so I'll probably just wait for when Druidium Lite comes out.

I've also heard that CT_RaidAssist is a must-have for level 60s, but I have yet to try it. I'm open to trying out other add-ons too, so please let me know what you guys use and how it works for you.

To learn more about Macros and UI, check out the WoW Forums.

::: Other WoW add-on website directories:

Curse Gaming
Gazmik Fizzwidget - he's got what you need!
Top 20 UI Mods at WorldOfWar.net

Note that Blizzard does NOT support any third party add-ons, so though it's okay to install most of them, certain add-ons may not work in future patches. Try to use the latest versions of the add-ons that you use the most. And run VirusScans on all your downloads. Generally add-ons are installed in the directory World of Warcraft > Interface > AddOns >. Read any ReadMe.txt files of the add-ons you download for exact installation instructions. Basically: install crap at your own risk!

p.s. I added a screenshot of my UI so you can see some of the above add-ons at work.

Kalielar Timberlake
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