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PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2007 11:20 am  Reply with quote

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I have created a character for my 5 year of boy so that he could play along with daddy (I'm lvl60 at the moment) and spend some time together in game, rather than watching cartoons all day.

So I created a Night Elf Hunter for him because I know that Hunters are very simple and easy to level in comparison to other classes, I know that even handicapped people can play their Hunters without experiencing any problems or restrictions.

So after a few weeks and with lot of help my son reached lvl23, so I figured that it would be great if I took him to the Stormwind leveling area instead of Darkshore, so I had a Mage friend portal him to Stormwind and I escorted him to Redridge Mountains/Duskwood for leveling.

The problem is that one day that I was away for groceries, while he was doing some of the Duskwood cemetary Quests(killing Zombies, Skeletons etc) it seems that he got ganged and killed by a Horde multiple times. How do I figured that out?

Well after returning home I found him crying under his bed and being so upset that he was literally shaking. I was so surprized and after calming him down he mentioned that a "big bad monster" kept scaring and killing his character many times. I rushed to check his computer screen and moments after I ressurected his Hunter a lvl?? Tauren Moonkin, was waiting for me and killed me on sight.

The problem is that even though he knows how to follow the red arrow and find his corpse after being killed multiple times by the Moonkin, he simply refuses to recover his body and until now he prefers playing with his wisp form, running around and exploring Azeroth, which I think is ok since he isn't in danger of being ganged anymore.

Not to mention that everytime he sees an aggresive Tauren Moonkin on my computer screen he can barely control himself and starts crying.

What can I do in order to make things like before and cure him of this phobia? My son is afraid of Tauren Moonkins, and the only thing that might rescue us out of that situation is to transfer our accounts to a PVE server, and hope that in time he will start playing his character again, and not just running around on his wisp form.

I send an ingame GM ticket, but he refused to punish the Moonkin player and he told me that my son is underaged and unfit to play this game without my presence.

Please, can you suggest me with an alternative, cause I don't wish to Migrate along with my son to another server.


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If this is actually serious... well, I feel bad for the little guy. Sad Sorry, I fail to find this a laughing manner. The tauren grief-killing the poor kid is just so sad. Then again, I guess it's the father's fault for rolling him on a PvP server, and not really the tauren's fault since he doesn't know it's just a little boy playing the character. *shrugs* But still... PvP servers can be so lame.
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PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2007 4:31 pm  Reply with quote

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Poor kid. But that parent should know that PVP servers and Balance Druids are serious business. Everybody knows Moonkins are gankstas, f'shizzle!

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PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2007 5:34 pm  Reply with quote

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I have to say this was the father's fault.
he should know people get raped on both sides.

poor kid though. Cool that he can explore though. Smile
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