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Forget the old one! Here's the real deal:

Name: Tryxx Arferkydz
Female Human Rogue
Professions: Mining, Gnomish Engineering
Current Home: Scryer's Terrace, Shattrath

Brief Physical Description:
Fair skin, green eyes, copper-blonde hair, really strong thighs.

Brief Personality Description:
Tryxx is not your typical rogue. Fun-loving, friendly and fallible (among other F words), she's more like the girl next door ...if the girl next door were to dual-wield lethal, blood-stained weapons.

When not stabbing things to death, she's usually:
rifling through her hopelessly disorganized backpack
misfiring handmade explosives
pickpocketing the loincloths of ogres
collecting shiny metal objects
drinking hardy dwarves under the table
masquerading as a teeny tiny furbolg with a star-crossed love for mechanical pets.

Goals and motivators:
Tryxx wants to look amazing, have nice things and excel at what she does, though not necessarily in that order. While she'd kill for the perfect pair of shoes (and has), she's far more competitive than she lets on and is constantly honing her craft in an effort to measure up to her peers.

Passionate about the war?
Actually, she harbors a sick attraction to undead boys. Can't we all just get along?

A typical quote from your character:
"I didn't do it!"

According to the matron at the Stormwind Orphanage, Tryxx was dropped off by a kindly male Night Elf who'd found her abandoned in Elwynn Forest. Deducing that this man was surely her father, Tryxx told everyone that by her tenth birthday her ears would grow and he'd come back for her. When she came of age and still had regular human ears, she was crushed -- but with the steady stream of dashing elves who blew through town, it became her dream instead to find and marry the man who rescued her.

The fates appeared to have other plans for her, though, as she was forced to carve out a life for herself on the streets of Stormwind to make room for the younger orphans of war. Before she could execute her very first pickpocket, a young rogue stealthed behind her, kissed her on the cheek and slipped two gold pieces into her satchel. Intrigued, she followed him into SI:7... and a career in the mercenary arts.

She met Kalielar Timberlake, noble metrosexual druid, when he accused her of pickpocketing the Archmage. Aghast, Tryxx complained that he must think "all us humans look alike". They were halfway to the Stockade and he was reminiscing about finding a baby "near the Eastvale Logging Camp about twenty years ago" when she panicked, stun-locked him and sprinted away. It was love at first sap.

Or something. Once he found her again, drunk and dancing half-naked at the Darkmoon Faire, she babbled at him that they were meant to be and they should "totally get married, like, right now". Then she puked and passed out in his lap. The next day, against his better judgment, he asked her to join his guild. They've been inseparable ever since.

Kal and Tryxx:
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