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PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2005 7:49 pm  Reply with quote

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For those of you that have always wanted a pet chicken (and frankly, who hasn't?), here's a quick guide on how to score one at the Saldean Farm in Westfall:


In essence you dance the chicken dance a skillion times, cheer at the chicken and feed it some chicken feed. Best to macro the dancing, and it seems to work if you type /chicken on 10 different lines in 1 macro. I only had to spam the macro button about 10x to get the chicken to look up quizically at me and eventually lay an egg.

As Chibo Matto once said: "I know... my chicken. You've got to know your... chicken."

Also check out this funny IGN article called The Chicken Chaser of Westfall. It's the story of one Night Elf Rogue's dashed attempts at scoring a pet chicken:


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PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2005 3:04 pm  Reply with quote

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eheh, well now I just have to post something about this...

So I'm telling tulo this story about Catrel rampaging through Westfall, think I was about 12-14 at the time. I was running through that farm where the 'The Killing Fields' quest is, the one with the big mechanical golem guys.

Well anyhow, there is this shorty short gnome warlock just spamming the spatial channel with /chicken and it was driving me nutty!! I ran up and stood there for a minute, and figured he was just doing it to be a annoying runt, so I killed the chicken that seemed to be inspiring this behavior and ran off to attend to my business...

Not a moment later the gnome warlock challenges me to a duel (he was about 4 levels higher than me) I was feeling lucky and wanted to test my new shield bash, so I took him up and almost won, I was happy. I bow to the gnome and he starts to cuss and swear at me before running off, naughty little gnome... So I report him and tell my friend "Well that is the last time I ever kill a gnome's chicken"...

After telling this to Tulo, and after Tulo was done laughing at me. She explained the whole chicken pet thing, and needless to say, I feel a little bad about reporting the gnome now eheh.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 10:35 pm  Reply with quote

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*laugh* Oh man, I love it! I would have paid to see you PWN that chicken.

* Jorielar *

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