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Name: Sera Flynn

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Professions: Enchanting/Skinning

Current Home: Various inexpensive rooms for rent in Stormwind.

Brief Physical Description: Wild, fiery hair cascades around her shoulders and frames her face, locks resting wherever they come to fall. Bright green eyes most often seen shining with passion and kindness to match her smiling, sometimes smirking lips which betray adventurious and mischievous thoughts.

Brief Personality Description: Sera has a tendency to be very quiet and focused when working towards a goal, but with the right mixture of people and danger, starts to open up and really enjoy herself. She's always willing to help those who need it, but scorns the multitude who are simply too lazy to help themselves.

Goals and motivators: She hopes to assert control over her past, and redeem herself in her own eyes. Sera often goes far beyond what's necessary to assist those truly in need, as she sometimes needs to help others, when she's not in one of her black moods, of course.

Passionate about the war: Very. With a militaristic upbringing, she understands the necessity of war and chain of command. Aside from the scourge, she feels no personal passion towards her enemies, only out of a sense of duty.

A typical quote from your character: Booyakka!

History: Was a member of a paladinic order for nearly 10 years, raised by the church after she was found in Andorhol after its destruction. Sera was mute for most of those 10 years, horrors from Andorhol having silenced her. Upon a purging mission, her section came across the ruins of Andorhol. Only Sera and two others left alive, and the other two died shortly thereafter, long enough to tell the others what transpiried. It was this event that gave Sera back her voice, but it was this same event that led to the severing of her connection to the light and expulsion from the order. What happened only the church and Sera know, and neither are talking...

What if the hokey-pokey IS what it's all about?!
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