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Name: Feira

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Profession: What makes me moneys. Currently skinning and talioring.

Home: Everlook. The Timbermaw love me soooo much.

Physical Description: Dark red hair, pony tail, and fair skin.

Pesonatily: Weird is not even close to discribing Feira. Has a tenditiciy to start converstions with herself when in groups. Can never stay on topic when talking to people. She always says the wrong thing at the wrong time. Is easliy distracted from the task at hand ,but always finishes it if she remembers about it. Has a short term memory problem. Feira is an extremely emotional person. Always easy to tell how she is felling by looking at her. Is very naive and stubburn. Tries to spread happyness where ever she goes.

Goals: The happyness spreading thing

Passionate about the war?: Not really but will defend the children if needed.

Quote: Has come up with phrases before but can never remember them and only ends up saying them once.

History: Her father was a warrior and mother a housewife. A complete daddies girl. She idlized him and wanted to be just like him. Her mother only wanted her to be a normal girl, but Feira would have no part of it. When her father realized this he decided to train her. Now, she travels the world helping anyone or thing she can. This has backfired many times before (can never remember what an orc looks like). Not much really to tell.
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