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Name: Cauri

Race: Night Elf

Class: Priest

Professions: Enchanter, Tailor

Current Home? Ashenvale

Brief Physical Description:
Tall, Slender, blue shoulder length hair (always worn partially tied back so it doesn’t fall into her eyes while healing the needy), purple facial tattoos.

Brief Personality Description:
Cauri is outspoken and opinionated, but almost always wrong. She believes that Elune is guiding her to avenge her grandparents death. Because she was trained as a priest, Cauri believes that her role is to heal those on the path of ridding the world of evil, and Cauri translates evil as "Horde". She is extremely protective of those close to her and will do anything in her power to watchover the ones she cares about.

Goals and motivators?
Avenge her grandparents murder.

Passionate about the war?

A typical quote from your character?
“Follow me!”
“Sorry about the detour.”
“Let’s just charge through.”

When Cauri was very young, she lost her grandparents to two troll hunters who snuck into the house and slaughtered them in their sleep. From that point forward, Cauri vowed revenge. As she grew older, Cauri was constantly overstepping her boundaries and speaking out of turn. Regardless of her parents efforts to subdue Cauri's overt nature, her attitude perpetuated until finally she got into an argument with the high priest of Darnassus as to whether the role of holy priests should be to heal in order to achieve balance and order in nature, or to heal in battle in order to aid the Alliance against the Horde. Cauri believes that it is only by ridding the world of the Horde that peace can be restored. In an attempt to calm Cauri's vengeful nature, the high priest agreed to take her and teach her the priestly ways. Rather than changing her mind, Cauri took her teachings and decided to use them in any way she could to eliminate the Horde and protect those she loves.
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