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Dear Doctor Nightshot

Hello Doctor, I intend to make this brief as I am currently boggled down with battles in and around Lakeshireat the moment. It has come to my attention that the services that I requested and compensated you of some 2 months ago have not yet been fulfilled. Crying or Very sad This pains me because quite frankly you are putting your very dwarven livelihood at stake with your crass behavior as of late...That is if the information I have received about your professions is true. I have received information that Doctor Nightshot Grillkins Loobaboot: Has quit treating patients as a Medical Doctor, and started schooling them as a Slam Poet Master Question This is of course a ludicrous claim, but the evidence supporting said accusation is..mounting.
I have been searching for you, I checked your office in Thelsamar to no avail, I have inquired in the Old Town, Tinkertown,Theramore and anywhere else I had the chance to come across. Needless to say; I have not yet found you Dear Doctor.
And Now it's time for a little Slam Poetry byNIIIIIGHTSHOT himself

"The Trees"

The trees are like things that stand out in the rain and the same things that you see when you look in your room windows are the things that you feel when you deal and spill it's a drill but you gotta feel like a seal in a pill with a chill just ..to dissstill ..What may be a ludicrous claim that you blame on the system that made you so poor and has nothing in store but the few and the blew but you spent it all on a place in a place that youcan't go in and you want something but something doesn't want you.

I do hold evrey faith in you as of yet Dear doctor, I hold Faith in your ruddy muscular Dwarven body, and nearly non-existent beard, I hold faith in your humorous personality and nihilistic attitudes, I hold faith in your dream to break down racial buisness barriers and have offices in all the capitals of the Azeroth...However it isMY INTERESTS ARE WOW AND KAL OMG I FORKING LOVE YOU your reluctance to explain your recent actions and your mysterious past that make me wonder about you Dr... So I write this letter to be delievered to your office in Thelsamar and I do hope dear doctor that I may receive corrospondence from you soon.

Most Sincerely
Amence Lightcastle (the no nonsence no liberal no juice in your caboose moose type-a-guy)
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