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Name: Sefid

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Professions: Skinner, Tribal Leatherworker, Fisherelf, Cook, First Aid Worker, Pet Wrangler

Current Home: Dalaran

Brief Description: Short white hair, white eyes, verticle stripe face markings, light skin. She likes long walks anywhere without shoes, using her fists to solve problems, moonlight, starlight, sunlight, swimming, petting, ninja buffing, running, exploring (walked all the way to the Gold Coast Quarry by way of the Ironforge-Stromwind Tram), pets, morphing, and laughing.

Sefid is generally a happy elf who enjoys helping others. She has a strong belief in the earth mother or Elune ((Ok I may be mixing things up, but you guys can correct me Confused )). If Sefid had it her way there would be no fighting. She is curious by nature and sees no reason why a rabbit and a nightsaber can't live in peace. Don't let her peaceful, happy nature fool you though. She will punch you (or maul you, munch on you, and spit you out) if you attack her.

Goals and motivators? I'm a nature girl. Best way to do that is become one with it...and release the beast girl within!

Passionate about the war? There's a war? I've met a Taurens in the Moonglade, greenskins attacked me near Loch Mor...something on my way to the seal form quest, and some human theives jumped me.

A typical quote from your character? The earth feels great underfoot. Why wear shoes? Commune with nature with every step!

History: Some where in the boughs of Teldrassil, outside of Shadow Glen is the home of Sefid's parents, a couple of loving elves struggling to hold together a pet shop for common folk and Hunters. Sefid is the only child of the couple. They had her late in life (realatively speaking) and Sefid's mother nearly died in childbirth.

In her early childhood she possessed an great rapor with animals (her 'siblings' were the store pets) and many thought that she would grow up to be a great hunter...that is until one day her parents found her running on all fours with nightsabers and talking with them. Sefid doesn't remember this little tidbit, but a passing Druid of the Claw took note and profesied of her joining their ranks. Many balked, saying only a hunter could commune with beasts like that.

Her parents were also excellent scouts, having learned much from the animals they so loved. During the second war they traveled the world in search of animals to sell to their bretheren. On one such voyage they happened upon the aftermath of a battle. They followed the path the humans and dwarves had cut into the earth. The two solitary elves cried at the devistation before them, but rejoiced with every orphaned creature they were able to save.

On day in the cold mountains they came upon a smaller battle. Most of the dead were not the bloodthirsty orcs or cannabalistic trolls, but dark iron dwarves, cousins to those fighting with the humans. They heard a small cry and investigated a run down hut. Inside was a small child, a red-haired girl with blood-red eyes. There were no traces of her parents, but the home had not been ransacked. They felt no life within miles. However having seen previous battles between the warring clans of dwarves they feared leaving her with the stout warriors. The elves took her home and named her Litelrau­r, Little Red in the Dwarven tongue, and raised her as a daughter.

During the third war Sefid and her adoted sister Litelrau­r were protected from the worst of the war by their parents. As such, Sefid is quite innocent to the racism of the Alliance and distrust of the Horde, yet she holds a slight dislike of Demons (although she is still facinated by them) who continue to huant her childhood home.

After the war, Sefid's parents supported the construction of a new world tree, Teldrassil, if only to raise their children, and what was left of their pet shop, away from the worst of the continuing struggles of Elves, Orcs, Humans, Dwarves, Trolls, Undead, Gnomes, and Tauren. They never understood the collapse of the peace treaty, but knew the danger it possed.

Her parents were not surprised the day she ran back from Shadow Glen barefoot, as always, beaming about her first lessons as a Druid of the Claw. Shortly there after she met Jorielar and Jezara and joined the Emerald Guard. "Why not? Sounds like fun!" she said.

Since meeting the two hunters she has traveled all over the known world and althought there are many parts she has not seen she has swum around the northern cape of Kalimdor and run from Booty Bay all the way to Tornforge without the use of the Gnome's undergound tram. She hopes to one day travel the length of both continents and swim around them as well. She has visited most of the great cities of the world from Ironforge to Thunderbluff, from Stormwind to the Ruins of Lorderon, Gnomergon to Ogrimar, Booty Bay to Darnassus.

Sefid has traveled all the known world and has the tabard to prove it. Sadly though she had to move on to a new guild, though she is going to keep in touch.

Behind the scenes: Sefid is the Farsi (Persian) word for Chipauhuac which is the Aztec word for Blanca which is the Spanish word for Blanche which is the French word for White. I can speak all those but Aztec and French (am currently learning Farsi).

[Update and EDIT 16 MAY 2006]
[Updated 12 May 2009]

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updated, corrections made to fit with Litelrau­r
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